common questions about pokies and online casinos

Frequently Asked Questions about Pokies & Slots

There’s a lot of information out there relating to gambling, playing pokies and maximising your chances on the various casino games available around the world. Some of these questions revolve around the game itself and as such we will not cover them here. The purpose of this page is to provide a general outline and answer the more common questions surrounding online pokies, accessing and playing them, and what to look out for when downloading or not downloading them – as is sometimes the case. The questions we answer today are the more practical ones, because as in any arena, the people asking the questions are sometimes not all there – well their question certainly isn’t

If you need more specific information pertaining to Pokies and how they work then we recommend checking out our extensive pokie machine resource –> Access Your Ultimate Pokie Resource Here – You should find everything you need between that page and this one – and speaking of this one, let’s get straight into it and discuss some of the more common questions and enquiries we get surrounding accessing and playing online pokies

Free Online Pokies No Download vs. Free Pokies Downloads?

First off, the difference between the actual online pokies being played is ZERO, NILL, ZILCH – literally nothing what-so-ever. Some websites and online punters will try to tell you that the Return To Player (or winning) rate of the free pokies is set higher than the real money version so as to get players thinking it pays more and trying it with real money but since the RTP rate is set by t he manufacturer I think this is impossible.

The only difference between them is how you access it quite simply. Access our top rated online casino and the 350+ online pokies and if you are on a MAC or a smart phone or tablet then you will get access to the mobile casino or app and find yourself playing the best free and real money pokies with no download. Access this same casino from your PC or laptop and you will get instant access to an executable download that once installed allows you to connect directly to the online casino and start playing free and real money pokies instantly.

So basically, if you are on a PC then you can enjoy free pokies downloads and if you are on MAC or smartphone then click the link below and enjoy the best free pokies and no download – EVER.

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The Following Questions Are From Players of Pokies:

How Do Pokies Work?

There’s a lot more going on than can be answered in a few lines so we recommend reading this article in full as it details exactly how pokies work and why you can’t beat them.
The nutshell explanation however is this (because a picture is worth a  thousand words right 😉 )

how pokies work -diagram with rng

Is There a Better Time of Day To Play Pokies?

Good question….. kinda.Yes, playing them first thing in the morning is a sign you have a problem and unless you want people talking I’d avoid playing them before midday. Seriously though – NO IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU PLAY THE POKIES
Pokies run on a Random Number Generator as mentioned above and as such each press of the button generates 5 random numbers. This RNG algorithm doesn’t remember the last result and has no interest in thinking about the next. It sits idle and reacts only to a button press. Therefore no external influence or ‘system’ will affect the outcome of these spins.

Do Pokies Have Hot and Cold Cycles?

While now and again it creates the impression that they do this is a greater amount of your psyche playing tricks on you. As we discussed when we looked at How Pokies Work – inside each machine is a computer algorithm known as a Random Number Generator – and undestanding how this work will answer this question as well as a thousand others like it. We apologise in advance for killing your theory but trust me, you’re better off this way

Can you find out if a machine is going to pay out dependent upon the images?

This appears to be truly a common misconception and a question that is asked quite a lot. There is no real way to foresee what a machine will do dependent upon the images that are on the reels before you play. What you see is essentially the last turn that was played. Again I refer back to the Random Number Generator

Why Are Huge Wins Always JUST OFF?

As there are lower paying images on the reels and as these images have a tendency to be above and beneath the better paying images and is a common practice called clustering

Is it Better to Bet Higher or Lower per Spin?

That all relies on upon your plan. If you think spending $5 a hit is excessive (which I personally do) then yes betting higher is worse – it all comes down to playing within yourself. You can drink in moderation so why not gamble in the same way?
It is important (and interesting) that the higher you bet, the better the Return to Player rate is – and this is something that has been consistently proven – not to mention the fact the casinos all admit it first hand

I Know Pokies are Mindless But Is There a Smarter Way to Play?

Yes! You are right that pokies are mindless machines running on an ever repeating algorithm with no memory of the last result – but if you take the time to understand the paylines, multiplier options and paytable itself then you can actually swing the game in your favour by betting combinations that allow for 5 line pays whilst increasing multipler – this is something you can do especially well on the Aristocrat Reel power 243 payline pokies – See This How To Win Pokies Tip & Tricks guides

How Do Progressive Slots and Pokies Work?

Progressive slots and pokies are machines that have a jackpot attached to them. This jackpot grows with every coin player’s inserts into the machines and hits at random. – Check out Mega Moolah, the world’s most popular and highest paying progressive slot machine

What Online Pokies Do You Recommend?

Without doubt it would be one of the Progressive Jackpot linked games like Mega Moolah or our personal favourite – The Dark Knight Slots which are of course also attached to the Mega Moolah progressive slots network – meaning not only do you enjoy all the usual bonus games and free spin features offered by this 243 Reel online pokies game, you also put yourself in the running for over $10,000,000 in instant cash. Will you be the next Microgaming instant online millionaire?